Kirsten Huntington

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Kirsten Huntington Owner/Lead Designer

Weddings Unique

 In January of 2004, Weddings Unique was created. We wanted to be able to offer something that set us apart from the industry. We decided to target church cultural hall weddings so that we could offer affordable, yet BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE weddings. We had an engineer mind design our one of a kind tented ceiling which assists in completely disguising a church cultural hall, ceiling, walls, even the floors! Complete with our unique attention to detail and design, we can create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

         Contact us at 801-836-4995 or


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  1. Katie Malbica said,

    Hey Chari!

    I am helping a friend plan a wedding back east, and I came across your website and now blog! Your weddings are BEAUTIFUL! The pictures are so amazing. Thank you SO SO much for doing our wedding, it was absolutely perfect for us and we still get compliments from friends and family on how beautifully you decorated it. (and we always make sure to mention your name!) We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you again!

    Love, Katie and Joey

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